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Europe Forum > diving clubs in spain
posted : September 9, 2004 Post subject: diving clubs in spain
I am looking for diving clubs in the Gandia Denia Javea or Alicantearea would be most gratful if any forth coming
best regards

posted : January 23, 2005 Post subject: diving clubs in spain
hi, we have bought a house near alicante and we are opening a dive business there this summer,we run a club in the uk and will will run one there as well.

regards phil

posted : March 6, 2007 Post subject: diving clubs in spain
HI there. saw an old message posted from 2004 and wondered if you have a dive centre in alicante? my wife and i are open water divers and We've got a place in in san juan that we looking to base from when we are want to dive. would it be possible to get some prices & availability if poss?
Many Thanks

Nick B - Administrator
posted : March 7, 2007 Post subject: diving clubs in spain
Hi Del,

Have you checked out the Places to Dive Spain section. I appreciate that sadly there is not dive centre listed in the Alicante area, but there are a couple near Malaga if you are willing to travel. Also there might be bits of info of use to you there.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful, but hopefully Briam or Scubasport will be able to give you some more info.


aliah mortil
posted : September 7, 2007 Post subject: diving clubs in spain
That was an interesting one. Mostly in san sebastian spain beaches.