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Europe Forum > old marine lead
jimbob londinium
posted : July 3, 2008 Post subject: old marine lead
I wanted to post this message as we are an American company with representation over here in the UK and are interested in acquiring old lead. I wanted to take the opportunity to ask and members of this forum whether they had any that has been brought up over the years. The older the material is the better and ideally it should be a keel or ingots of lead of at least 200 years old. Perhaps even old rolls of lead from a wreck.

If you can get hold of a quantity we are in a position to pay 16,000 GBP per metric ton which is obviously considerably higher than the LME price currently. One ton equates to about 20 ingots.

We currently have a need for up to 60 tons of this material and we pay cash upfront.

It may be that you know of a wreck with a large amount of ingots that is easily accesible and makes it worthwhile spending a weekend raising at this kind of price. Alternatively you may already have raised some lead from an unusal source and it is sitting doing nothing.

Please contact me on the following email if you have any news or know of someone who can lead us to the lead.