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Europe Forum > Diving in Bulgaria
posted : September 9, 2004 Post subject: Diving in Bulgaria
Can anyone recommend a dive centre in or near "Sunny Beach" resort, Bulgaria.
I'm a BSAC Sports diver and my daughter is an interested beginner - would like something that would cater for both of us!

posted : January 7, 2005 Post subject: Diving in Bulgaria
Hi, I am from bulgaria and noticed your post. I found these guys next to Sunny Beach:


I am not a diver so do not have any experience and do not know them so can not either recommend or not, but you can check. They offer PADI courses and prices are also there... Good luck... Dimitar

posted : May 28, 2005 Post subject: Diving in Bulgaria
Look here:

posted : October 10, 2006 Post subject: Diving in Bulgaria
Not sure exactly about diving, but you could find some info about Bulgaria's resorts and Black Sea resorts at http://www.bulgaria-trips.info/
Hope it helps you!