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posted : December 8, 2007 Post subject: Dive Bulgaria Diving Bulgaria
I spent a very pleasant Summer diving there and was suprised by the hospitality I was exposed to. The Visability was very good and I never knew there was so many wrecks in the water, I supose joining the EU has opened the door which is good for divers. In the water I never saw any other divers but us, and dived in some very unspoilt places, but I am sure it will all change as tourism moves in. The beach resorts cater for divers, but all I saw was sand and more sand with the constant noise of jet skis above our heads. I was lucky when I bumped into a Britt who pointed me in the direction of Black Aqua, from that point forward the holiday just got better, I did 4 dives all on wrecks and all away from the beach resorts, in the Northern Black Sea coast. If any body is interested in seeing a coast line unspoilt and before tourism and the mass of dive boats invade try Bulgaria. Since returning home and planning my next years holiday to Bulgaria for more unspoilt diving I have been in touch with Black Aqua, they now offer diving not just in Bulgaria, but have stretched there wings and do cross border diving into Romania.
Regards Richard