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Europe Forum > Diving Iceland
posted : September 17, 2006 Post subject: Diving Iceland
Hey, I went diving in Iceland last week. It was amazing.
The dive site is called SILFRA and it's in the National Park of Thingvellir, which is worth a visit even without diving. Actually a Unesco World heritage site. We went diving in a crack whcih is formed by the american and the eurasian continental plates drifting apart from eachother by 2cm a year. So literally, I dove between 2 continents. The visibility was 100m+ and I don't know a place on this planet that actually beats this. At some point of the dive our divemaster made us understand to take the regulator out of our mouth and drink some of the water, since it's as clean as water can get.
Check out www.divingiceland.com for info on tours.