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Europe Forum > Helgoland wreck
posted : August 13, 2006 Post subject: Helgoland wreck

I am not a diver, but a genealogist. I have been tracing the life, and death of a mariner, who lost his life when his ship went down in 1912.

The ship was The Trent, a small cargo boat, out of Hull, and was last seen sheltering from a hurricane on the lee side of Helgoland. The captain told another captain that he would try to make a dash for it to the mouth of the Elbe the next morning, and from there up the canal and on to Randers. The ship was never seen again.

I know Britain has published works and databases of wrecks around the coast of Britain, but what about Germany? Does anyone know how I could go about finding out if the wreck of The Trent has ever been located, believed to be somewhere between Helgoland and the mouth of the Elbe.

Many thanks